The venue of the workshop is:

Congress Centre Ohrid,

Ohrid is a well-known cultural, historical and tourist centre, famous for the beautiful Ohrid Lake – chartered by UNESCO as one of the oldest lakes in the world. The town of Ohrid is often referred to as the Jerusalem of South Europe due to its numerous churches – there once stood 365 churches and monasteries, one for each day of the year. Through the activity of St. Clement of Ohrid, the first pan-Slavonic University in Europe was situated in Ohrid during the 11th century. Even today, the old town area is rich in picturesque houses and monuments. It is about 700 m above sea level. The climate is continental with modest temperatures during the whole year.

Every year from July 12 till August 20, the Ohrid Summer festival, an important cultural event, is held at several venues in the old town